Monthly Archives: November 2017

Important Carlton House Surgery News

We are pleased to announce that Carlton House Surgery has collaborated with 10 neighboring practices in Enfield to form Medicus Health Partners (MHP).
This exciting development will provide the foundation for a new model of General Practice which we believe will provide a valuable contribution to the NHS as a whole which will ultimately result in a better service for all of our patients.

We will still continue to provide you with an excellent service, however we are currently changing the way we work by reviewing the way in which we deliver our services and the organisation of our practice so that we can better serve our patients’ needs.

Please bear with us whilst we implement these changes. Over the next few months we will be asking you for your views and opinions on how we can improve our services.

Please visit this site regularly over the next 6 months to find out about the changes that are taking place. Please also take part in the online questionnaires and surveys that we will be posting in this site, to find out your views so that we can improve on the services that we offer.