New Patients

How to register

To register you will need to complete a registration pack either online or you can come to the surgery during opening hours. When this is completed please leave at reception.

When you register you will also be asked to fill out a medical questionnaire. This is because it can take a considerable time for us to receive your medical records. It also helps us know if you need an initial review with a Dr or nurse. If this is the case our administration will contact you, so please double check you put your most up to date telephone number on the registration forms.

There is also an online version of this form in the electronic registration pack, which you may fill out and send to us.

Online medical information

Please note that by sending the forms electronically you will be transmitting information about yourself across the Internet and although every effort is made to keep this information secure, no guarantee can be offered in this respect.


When you come to register you will need to bring with you proof of identification as follows to allow us to process your registration:

  • If you are a UK Resident – Proof of address (such as a utility bill no more than 3 month old)
  • Asylum Seekers – ID Card
  • Foreign Students – Long term Student Visa or letter from University
  • Foreign Workers – Work Permit
  • Overseas Visitor – Visitors Visa or documentation from Home Office as confirmation that in UK for more than six months

In addition, we will need your NHS Number (which is on your Medical Card or can be obtained from your previous GP surgery)

You will be able to make a doctor’s appointment 3 days after your registration form has been accepted at reception.


Practice Area

We are currently only accepting registrations from patients who live within our practice area. Our practice area includes to following areas:

North: Whitewebbs Lane
South: Farr Road, Tenniswood Road
East : Mahon Close, Goat Lane, Forty Hill, Bulls Cross
West : Theobalds Park Road, Clay Hill, Browning Road, Armfield Road


Temporary Residents

If you are staying within the practice area on a temporary basis we are usually able to offer health care for up to three months.  You will need to complete an NHS Temporary Resident form giving details of your usual GP surgery, so that information on your care can be passed to your normal doctor.


Change of contact details

It is important that we have your current contact details (address and phone numbers) on your medical records.

Moving home does not always mean having to change your GP surgery.

Please ensure that you complete a Change of Contact Information Form if you move or even change your mobile phone number. This will ensure that our records are kept up to date and will also reduce the risk of you being accidently removed from our patient list.

You may complete a form at the reception desk, fax (0208 366 8849) the information to us or email it instead.