Online access to Appointments, Prescriptions and Medical Records


We are now able to offer patients on line access to appointments.  Each doctor will have a limited number of routine (10 minute) appointments which are available for on line booking.  The appointments will be released daily, one week in advance (Monday for the following Monday, Tuesday for the following Tuesday etc.).

If you no longer need or are unable to keep an appointment then you may also cancel on line.


You are already able to request a prescription on line via this website by clicking on the Prescriptions tab and selecting the on line application or request form.  In addition you can request repeat medications using the Patient Access on line service: and clicking prescriptions.  You will be able to view past prescription history and make requests.

Medical Records

You are now able to view your medical records via our online services.

Test Results

You can also view your test results via our online Services.

Statement of Intent

View our online services Statement of Intent.