December 2014 Results

Started 1 December.

Out of our 164 responses, 79 people are extremely likely to recommend us, 63 likely and 13 said they were neither likely nor unlikely. One person didn’t know. 6 people said they were unlikely to recommend us and 3 people said they were extremely unlikely to recommend us. This means that 87% of people are likely or extremely likely to recommend us to their friends and family and only 5% unlikely or very unlikely.

We asked what we could do to make their experience better….

2 people wanted to be informed personally about changes to doctors and said there were too many changes We put all changes on the website as soon as we know about them. We are sorry for any inconvenience but we cannot possibly afford to contact all patients to inform them about all doctor changes.

3 people said they wanted to always be able to get an appointment with their GP / GP of choiceWe do understand that some people preferred the old service where they could almost always see their own GP. We can no longer run the practice like this. The demand for appointments is huge, all the doctors are part-time, some doctors are far more popular than others and it is impossible to have both ease of access and continuity of care. Ease of access consistently comes across as the thing that more people value and that is why we have relatively easy access – continuity of care unfortunately is a casualty of this system.

2 people said we should stop on-the-day bookingWe are sorry if you don’t like this system but we have no plans to change this at all. You are welcome to register elsewhere if their booking system suits you better.

2 people said it should be easier to make appointments ahead of timeYou can book ahead of time but the vast majority of our appointments are on the day because this is what the majority of our patients want. When we had more appointments ahead of time we had more patients failing to attend and we had a much higher demand for emergency appointments and we were struggling with the workload. We have no plans to change the appointment system and again you are welcome to register elsewhere if their system would suit you better.

Make it easier to get through on the phones in the morning 3 people reported that the receptionists were rude and not always helpfulWe are sorry that you had that experience. Please write to the “complaints partner” with any specific issues related to complaints.

Other individual responses were:

I was shocked by the state of the building We are sorry if you find the building too shabby. The funding for primary care (general practice) is so poor that we cannot afford to do any updates to the building.

See us on timeWe try. Doctors are not sitting drinking cups of tea and chatting whilst you are waiting. They are seeing patients, taking time to care for people, answering urgent phone calls, dealing with emergencies etc etc.

Redecorate waiting roomWe have.

More on-the-day appointmentsWe have nearly all our appointments available on-the-day. We can only create more by losing all the pre-bookable appointments.

The benches were better as you could sit children next to youThey did not meet CQC requirements for seating in a waiting room.

Use full names not initialsWe are not entirely sure what this means. Sorry.

Have a permanent phone numberWe initially changed our telephone number to an 0844 number on the advice of the DoH. We then changed it back to a local number because of patient complaints. We have no plans to change it again.

What do we do now that is good or excellent?

Text reminders for appointments 3.

21 people found the receptionists very helpful and polite.

19 people found the GPs to be good / compassionate / excellent.

9 people liked the ability to get an appointment on the same day / quick appointment.

8 people reported the service and standard of care to be very good.

5 people said the nurses were great.

5 people said that it was excellent that a doctor will always see or speak to you if needed.

4 people said their doctor was interested and concerned and they don’t feel rushed.

4 people said that they liked not having to wait long for an appointment.

3 people reported that the surgery had improved and provided a much better service now.

Dr Amarin, Dr Dresler, Dr Pollara, Dr Green, Dr Larkin, Dr Newton and Dr Vincent were singled out for particular praise/gratitude by some patients.

Other individual responses:

  • It is easy to get through in the mornings
  • The call back from a doctor if there are no appointments is excellent
  • There is good communication (signs up about changes and details on the website)
  • There is a good display of information
  • The new reception area is better and I am totally satisfied
  • I am very impressed with the new efficient surgery and doctors

Thank you for all the positive comments. They are always lovely to hear!

What changes would you like to see?

4 people would like online bookingWe now have this. You can register at reception if you would like to take advantage of this.

Appointment system to see the doctor that you want 3 people would like shorter waiting timesWe don’t know if this means for an appointment or in the waiting room. Both of these points have been covered earlier.

2 people would like more appointmentsThis would mean our employing more staff which we cannot afford. Many of our appointments are taken up by patients who could have self-managed their condition or their child’s condition at home or could have asked for help at the pharmacy.

2 people would like fewer doctor changesWe do not encourage doctors to leave! The doctors who have left over recent years were largely frustrated with the current state of the NHS and no longer wished to manage the workload. This is something over which we have no control at all.

These were all individual responses:

There should be a separate waiting area for children as they are too noisyUnfortunately we do not have any space for this.

There should be toys and books for children in waiting area; there should also be magazines in waiting areaThank you for this suggestion. We shall look into this. There are health and safety constraints but we can certainly review this.

I would like a well woman clinic / info session once a yearThank you for this suggestion. We will discuss this, possibly with our patient participation group.

There should be better access for wheelchairs and more disabled parking spacesOur building is wheelchair accessible although some of the rooms are difficult. However we try to manage this as best we can. We are not sure who is in control of the disabled parking spaces but are happy to look into this…

For the PPG

Comments seem on the whole to be more positive. As always there are patients who are unhappy that they can’t see “their” doctor but maybe more people are understanding that this is no longer possible.